Why Golden Retrievers are Popular

There are simply no limits to the desire that the Golden Retrievers feel to make their owners pleased and happy and this fact has made this breed absolutely perfect for many types of dog competitions. Aside from being beautiful dogs that compete in display shows, they are also very smart so they often appear in obedience testing contest as well very fast and strong which makes them popular in agility competitions as well.

ray charkes the golden retriever

The fact that sets them apart most from many other dog breeds is that the Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers and they actually enjoy being in water very much. This has made them a big hit in a popular dog sport established in the late nineties called dock jumping where dogs make distance or height jumps from docks into water. Aside from dock jumping, Golden Retrievers also perform wonderfully in another interesting dog sport called flyball which is basically a mix of ball retrieval and a hurdled course. An interesting aspect of this particular sport is that the dogs compete in teams of four, in the form of a relay. Alongside Border Collies who are dominant in this type of competitions because of their innate nature as working dogs, the Golden Retrievers are also very highly ranked. Their high intelligence and obedience was also proven when the American Kennel Club introduced the AKC Obedience Champion title which was won by Golden Retrievers for the first three years of the championship.

All of this makes the Golden Retrievers very popular among dog enthusiasts and families all over the planet and they fair really well in whichever activity they are put through. As pets, the Golden Retrievers are among the most well liked breeds in the world. In the United States, they are so admired that only three breeds are more popular – the Labrador Retrievers, the Beagles and the German Shepherd Dogs. Considering that there are almost two hundred different dog breeds in the American Kennel Club 2011 Dog Registration Statistics, the fact that the Golden Retrievers are at number four in numbers speaks a lot about the popularity of these dogs among American families. This is no surprise to anyone who has ever come in contact with these amazingly friendly dogs.

Popular culture has also seen lots of notable appearances from Golden Retrievers and that has made them very easily identifiable. They tend to appear in cinema, music, different TV shows and various commercials a lot and in addition to that, many famed celebrities have owned and still possess at least one if not several Golden Retrievers. Some of the more famous names among Golden Retriever enthusiasts in Hollywood include Tom Cruise, Pamela Anderson and Jackie Chan. Even some former presidents have been known to own Golden Retrievers such as Gerald Ford and his pet Golden, appropriately called Liberty.