Golden Retriever Puppy

So you decided to get a Golden Retriever puppy, right? Let me tell you a few things you should know prior to picking up your new family member. Golden Retriever puppies are so cute that it might be tempting to pick more than one at once, but as a starting dog keeper, you shouldn’t do this. Its much harder to properly raise two puppies than one. Thou I did it without any problems once in the past, with two adorable female Goldens.

So, the first thing you should do is pick a responsible breeder to buy the puppy from. There are many people offering “purebred” puppies for low price, but you should avoid them. The best idea is visit a few breeders before deciding which one to buy from. Look at how they treat their dogs, how they keep them, ask what they feed them with. Keep in mind you are picking an animal that will be with you for many years, so you want to make the best possible choice.

golden retriever puppies

So you already decided who to buy from, now comes another important part. Most likely, there will be more Golden Retriever puppies to choose from. Take your time and play with them a bit, find the one that suits yours needs the most. Few minutes with the little creatures can tell you a lot about their personality – does it freak out too easy, is it biting more than the others, can it accept your hand caressing it …


Now you bought the puppy, what is next? You should already have a spot prepared for your new Golden Retriever puppy at home. Keep in mind the little dog baby would be stressed as you just took it away from its family. Try to keep it quiet for a while, do not stress it even more. In case you have kids, make sure they understand the small Golden isn’t a toy they should carry around all day long. You should also have food and water bowl prepared for your puppy.


What to feed the Golden Retriever puppy? It is pretty much a norm to get some food from the breeder, so you can feed the puppy what it is used to already. Then you can decide whether to continue with the same brand of food, pick another or start preparing food on your own. In case you decide to prepare food on your own, make sure you do some additional reading on this tops as it is not that easily to compile a proper food mix without appropriate knowledge about the dogs needs. Uneducated mixing might do more bad than harm.


Start training the puppy as soon as possible. The first steps should be learning it some schedule – when to feed, when to groom, when to exercise and go for a walk. Later on you can start with more advanced orders, the most important is to teach the dog to come when you call it. Golden Retrievers are very intelligent dogs so in case you want you can teach it a lot of advanced tricks.

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