Golden Retriever Health Tips

Even though the golden retriever seems like a healthy dog actually that is often not the case. The average life span of a Golden Retriever is around 10 to 11 human years and that makes him a medium to short life span dog. Since the Golden Retrievers are a breed that is susceptible to many hereditary diseases, a responsible breeder will take much time to consider the individual dogs s that are to be bred.

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If you have a Golden Retriever you should take him to the vet as often as you can during the early stages in their life so that you minimize the risk of dangerous diseases. The Golden Retrievers are a breed that is very susceptible to various genetic deceases and the most common one more is hip dysplasia. The second most common health issue for the Golden Retriever is obesity since these dogs love to eat and this is why even as pups they need to be trained to eat in moderation. Even though hip dysplasia is the most common disease for the Golden Retriever they mostly die from various types of cancer. Nearly 65% of all deaths by disease in these dogs are from cancer. They can have problems with various skin conditions and allergies. These retrievers can develop problems with various microorganisms since they have a long coat and that is a very easy way to catch them.

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Golden Retrievers are susceptible to hart deceases as well as problems with their eyes of witch the most common is the cataract. However, in most cases the Golden Retriever is a dog in good physical shape and regular checkups at the vet will ensure that it can have a long and healthy life. Basically if you are thinking of buying a Golden Retriever, you should definitely look into its pedigree and make sure that your future companion is healthy and fit. If the roots are good you will have a great companion.

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